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Текст пенси Atmosphere — We Ain’t Gonna Die Today

Hands stay clean till the well go dry
The clutch kinda sticks right
Aim for the sky
And let a few fly
In due time, gonna get right
There’s no loose ties
I’m not the new guy
I’m just one hand at twelve’o’clock
The other one stirs your melting pot
And if I had a third hand
I’d use it to turn up the music
You like to complain, huh
You gonna hide ’till the rain comes?
Feel my shine, I’m the same son
No matter what I’ve done
I remember where I came from
The flood made the neighborhood messy
But you’ve got the keys to the Chevy
Have to drive, until the afterlife
So we can steal the feast
Out of the Beast’s belly

We ain’t gonna die today
Right now I’m wide awake
Tell her that the devil got a price to pay
Letter by letter all I’m trying to say
That we ain’t gonna die today
Right now I’m wide awake
Rock solid, head held high
Hands stay clean ’till the well go dry
Right now I’m wide awake
Right now I’m wide awake
Right now I’m wide awake
Hands stay clean ’till the well go dry

One wheel for the clock that we live within
I feel like your father, discipline
It’s unconvincing when I tell them that hell
Ain’t nothing but a place in Michigan
Two wheels in the gutter, engine reving
I feel like your mother, listen, suggestion
Don’t test if you’re really not a threat
If my crew get fresh, take you all the way to heaven
Honesty stinks a little
It’s cause it comes from deep inside you
It’s covered in blood and bile
And it tastes so self-entitled
And you can keep a wood stake in the trunk
On the off chance that the fairy tales ain’t bunk
And I’mm save a bottle of that funk
To get motel parking lot balcony crunk
A true fiend would hit the screen
Halfway there tryna live the dream
Cops with lights shining in my face
Cause my names not attached to these license plates
Freedom is a paperweight
But you can’t explain that to an inmate
So I’mma keep rolling past these mile markers
And I’mma deliver this flame to the fire starters

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