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Let’s make a bonfire.
I got a blanket in my trunk.
One blanket, and we can wrap it around both of us.
The lake is beautiful this time of night.
I wanna listen to your breath while I look at the moon.
Plus, plus I got you this solo priced ice latte, look at the stars. Check this out

There’s far too many breakup songs
And there’s not enough songs about the moment we met
A lot of words get spread to paint shame and regret
And I’m not holding my breath for any change to the sketch
But I hope to death, somebody came to sing about
Countless times that we found a way to even out
Even though we were born to work with these hands
It’s in the plan for us to learn the Insecurity Dance
It goes:
Make a party as a method do prevent it
I’m so sorry you reacted so defensive
If I could land in unsolicited suggestion
Don’t even know if I’d recommend that you paid attention
They told me Hell never felt so good
But I can tell that they’re only trying to sell some books
Look, y’all know that I would help if I could
But I was too busy tryina nail myself to some wood
There’s more songs praising the people we went to prison with
Then there are praising the people we make children with
And I ain’t saying either one is more legitimate
But it’d be ridiculous to think that it’s coincidence
Shit, I’ll never be the best at this
I write songs that I’m living in, welcome to my sweatshirt
I think it’s magnificent that you’re presently present
Thank for listening, appreciate your effort!
Cinderella, fit your hand in the glove
We’re on a spaceship crash land from above
We’re on a lazy river fly fishing for love
We’re on a double barrel shotgun hunting for dove
Life is just a song; I hope that it’s wrong??
It starts with hello and it goes till I die
If I did know it all, I’d at least attempt to clarify
Why we’re tryina over emphasize the goodbyes?
We’re tryina over emphasize the goodbyes
We always emphasize the goodbyes
So just pretend this is a long hello
So just pretend this is a long hello
You can pretend this is a long hello

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