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Текст пенси Aspirin Rose — Stay in Your Hearts

Stay In Your Hearts!!!

Sometimes we put the walls around our heart,
Not to protect ourselves from sorrow,
But to find out who cares of us enough
to break the walls and to get closer.

now you know

Here’s my hand
We’re here to make you feel not alone,
You’ll never left on your own.
Don’t pretend
I know you hear my voice in your heart,
I’ll always be by your side

Don’t go for looks, they’ll deceive you,
and wealth can fade away,
Your problems help to realize —
you can defeat the pain

Think of the heights
you can achieve
if you dare take a chance
and make yourself believe

Feel that
My care and my support
We’re here, there’s no doubt
You’ll go through it all
Don’t be scared
Your fear is not surprising
rely on me
You’ll conquer this fear

Don’t cry
Wings are tightly tied
This is better time
Let your fillings fly
Up high

And now
You are free

Our life’s not so simple
Some battles have to fought
relying on yourself, alone
Some trails you need to choose
And easy overcome
Don’t be shy
A journey of hundred miles
Began with one step
Just take a breath
and try

The only thing you need
To clear you from within and
Don’t hide yourself in cage
No matter what they think
We wanna make you feel it
the new life page

We’re in your heart
Our fire inside warms you up
Please don’t look back
We are here and we won’t let you down
Look outside
And we’ll show you the marvellous light
Of your life
We just wanted to stay in your hearts

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