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Текст пенси Aspirin Rose -Sunshine

I set my eyes on you
(The life is sick, you’ve gonna suck it
Before you get rid
Don’t care about your fucking problems
You’ll be in deep shit
Until you can resist
Until you can resist)

Wake up, you’re beautiful
Please start to listen to my voice
Wake up, you’re beautiful
You’ve gotta make a choice
The things are turning down
Again and once again, again

Reload your fucking guns
Set by this way
They break your bones
Reload your fucking guns
To face the trace
Fight for the truth

(As for me it’s not a problem
Destroy anyone
Who will stand on my way
You’re not exception
Don’t funk with me
Shut up and just run away)

Do you know I’m in love with you babe
I can hear your first steps coming
I just want you forever to stay
My sunshine, I will be always yearning
You are my ache
I am coming
I’m turned away

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