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Текст пенси Atmosphere, Nino Bless — Sleepless

And we can flex if we wanna
Or we could connect to protect each other from the monsters
Baptized in a pot of boiling water
Doesn’t matter either way, the fever gonna get a whole lot hotter

I ain’t seeing half the sleep
That I probably should be seeing as a model human being
But I was taught how to adjust with the seasons
Maybe you should focus on some shit that you believe it
And keep it moving like there’s no room for improvement
My perpetual truth is I spend a little
Too much of personal time just tryna make some better music
Now what the fuck is that? Hell of a fantasy
You can tell my family I said that I loved ’em
And you can tell 12 I said nothing
Already under surveillance, man, they watchin’ your show
Try to change the channel and get lost in the snow
Like who’s that knocking on the front door?
And how’d they move past the booby traps that you planted on the front porch?
And all your favorite rappers are not Illuminati
We’re too stupid probably
Spank that ass like you got that stock
Stole a tank of gas and broke the nozzle off
Got the volume Molotov’d on the boombox
The world’s a costume shop, why you choose to be a cop?
When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, it floods
I’m tryna order one more before you cork the jug
They said we started our initial descent like this
I said a prayer and it went like this
I came to this town on a train made of drums
And we been following the sound of the sun
It goes by a name I can’t say with my tongue
But for now, I keep it simple and I call it the one

Life, I’m a prisoner of the moment
Married to the game, thought I should’ve got an annulment
You can’t buy love, damn, why’s it feel stolen?
You can’t let it go if you never learn how to hold it
Every verse here is loaded with riches for the soul
I’m never worth what I’m owed, I’m hoping someone’ll notice, ayy
One day, you never know, huh?
G Rap said, «You can be the G.O.A.T.,» it takes one to know one, yup
My bravado’s attached, I hate the view
But love watching it back, the music heals all them feels
Why do I feel detached? I could cure the worst disease
But your worker’s fee, sorry, call a doctor for that
Knock knock, don’t holler back, let’s surf, I’m on a couch placed in the the trap
You might see a mouse chase the cat
It’s weird, I’m about-facing that turned my back
On the pain and the facts ’cause I’m about facing that
Meh, know I’m a little extra
To everything you didn’t measure, no one gave an F for effort
Took what’s less for better, used to getting ditched
I used to love her in the whip, but now we sexting in a Tesla
That pleasure was electric, I’m trying not to budge
Rose beneath the woke, yeah, I’m tired of being judged
Soaking in my oats, come find me in the mud
I’m tired, I ain’t woke, insomnia’s a drug

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