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Текст пенси Atmosphere, Kim Manning — Won’t Look Back

Any way that the cold wind blows
I’ll go cause you’re in my home
Be leaving and I won’t look back
Gone with my life, I can’t save my past
Any way that the cold wind blows
I’ll go cause you’re in my home
Be leaving and I won’t look back
Gone with my life, I can’t save my past

First love, who was your first love?
And I ain’t talking about your first crush
I’m referring to the first one that’ll make you wanna curl up
Or get you worked up enough to try to burn the world up
And I don’t care about your regrets
You can keep those secrets to death
I don’t need to know what you speak underneath each breath
But we learning, how to read what’s in between the text
And when you feel like enough was felt
If you ain’t trying to eat another helping of hell
That’s when you tell farewell to that well you fell down
Fall out the frame, take care of yourself now
It’s no thang, come out of the cold rain
Make giant steps, gotta catch the cold train
Everybody wishin’ on some better days
Don’t let the storm door hit ya, and don’t ever change

Second guess your own instinct
Probably best to just listen and think
And don’t expect anything less than the kitchen sink
It feel like you’re still trying to lead a horse to drink
And I don’t dig dramatic
But it was signal static when the thunder struck
It doesn’t matter how much clean the vulture up
It never look like a dove, you still gave it your blood
And that’s love, I never hated your guts
I never even understood where that phrase was from
But why would you believe that I could trust your touch
If you would never make me wanna sleep in my truck
It’s more than a drug
It’s more than any liquor you could pour from a jug
Trying to find a little normal on the bus with the windows cracked
It’s why we don’t look back, it’s like we won’t be back, right?

Third time’s the charm, you’ve heard that before
Display the scar, you’ve earned that at war
Turnt on alarm, a guard at the door
But ripped out the heart, was par for the course
But if the furnace doesn’t burn at the core
Maybe your purpose ain’t to learn anymore
Dinosaur can’t soar if he trying to snore
And ain’t nobody leaving with a perfect score on the board
But we never got bored of the wind
The memory of how it tore through the skin
By the end of the week it’s going to weaken
Pinned in between depend and discipline
Can’t nobody judge but we can pretend
We got it all figured out, no questions left
When the truth is we never even move one step
Just do it all over again and again and again

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