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Текст пенси Atmosphere, Evidence, Muja Messiah — Crumbs

(Start the—)

I used to follow you before social media
Late night through the park, walking home from the bar
You could argue that the world got a little bit creepier
It’s hard to compare it when you consider how aware we now are
Let’s pay these billionaires a visit
Split up their worth and spread it out to the women
And the children first, share the peanut butter
Give the people the power to take better carе of each other

I wish I was a writer, I shoulda been a cook
Apprеciate the looks, but food and books
Been the hustle every year for the prior millennium
We’re tryna hit it higher than the lights on the stadium
That’s just a simple example of how basic I am
I’m not the one that’s got your bubble gum
But I got a couple opposable thumbs
And this obsessive compulsion to sweep up these crumbs

I make beats every day, I get at least two in (Okay)
I smoke weed in every language, I speak fluent (I’m trying)
If I ain’t lovin’ it, respect my absence, I be truant
Madison Square, I be Ewing (Let’s go)
Only my doc can see through him (X-ray)
I be workin’ in the basement
Rollin’ up this herb to gather word combinations
There’s no trouble that I’m facin’

So fuck the treble, all the bass in
The livest space shit from off the station
Without weed, there’s no subtleties to my patience
Overanxious, same old songs (Right)
Same story, same roach clip, same old bong (Right)
I take a pull and think, «Damn, how you remain so long?»
I’ve been living on a view, I try to take it all in (Way high)
Living on a prayer, too, in my city of sin (L.A.)
I align with those finished on what I’m lookin’ to accomplish
Knockin’ out the classics and killing all the constants (One, two)

I don’t bother nobody, I just come and go quietly
Might show up at a party that no one invited me
Used to flow for notoriety, but now the dough inspires me
Broken economy, sold my soul to propriety
Focusin’ on sobriety, lost hope for society
When them white folks at that Ivy League straight poison ivy
They said I was unapproachable, I told ’em, «Don’t lie to me»
How you ‘posed to socialize with me with social anxiety?

That’s a personal burden, you gotta master them urges
I can’t fathom what it feels like to not have the courage
To see a person in person without actin’ nervous
I’m not your animal service and I’m not Hannibal Buress
I’m a man with a purpose with a handful of Perkys
On demand for the purchase for when the panickin’ worsens
For a buck or two, I could make you feel wonderful
But it’s not my job to make white people feel comfortable, bro

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