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Текст пенси A Boogie Wit da Hoodie — Talk About It

Back around me
Money good, now she back around me

From the X, you’ll get whacked about me
Trust me, I don’t need no love, I need racks around me
If you gon’ talk about me, baby, talk facts about me

This time, it’s different, I promise (Yeah)
I make enough to put my whole projects into college (Let’s go)
I probably threw a hundred thousand on every bitch in Starlets (What else?)
If you really the guyza, then you gon’ play it quiet
Those guys catch bodies and don’t talk about it, yeah

I’m not Illuminati
But I know my niggas got my back, so I got an eye behind me
The car I’m in is about an M, but it ain’t no Maserati
Look, girl, I know I ain’t shit, but don’t go talk about me
Yeah, mmm, I’m icy like I’m playin’ hockey
But we could put the sticks down and this shit could turn to boxin’
Nowadays, I gotta do features with the tool beside me
I walk away until I’m copy if they movin’ wocky (Yeah)

On God, nigga, that’s word to mommy
If you ask me about a body, I never heard about it
Murder, murder, murder, don’t be sad about it
Nigga, if you feel some type of way, then go catch a body
My diamonds purple, yellow, and green like a bag of Takis
Them niggas catch you lackin’, boy, that’s your ass about it
Somebody died, niggas cried, the other side laughing ’bout it
And the feds watchin’ everything, while niggas braggin’ ’bout it

I’m from the X, you’ll get whacked about me
Trust me, I don’t need no love, I need racks around me
If you gon’ talk about me, baby, talk facts about me
Shake that ass around me

They can hate, but they won’t slide, ’cause I’m the wrong nigga
If you fuck with my opps, I can’t do no song with you
I swear it’s too much on my mind to get along with you
I’m just a heartbreak kid like I’m Shawn

I took the Patek off my wrist and it gave me welts
I popped a Perc’ and it was the last thing that I felt (Yeah, yeah)
I promise not to love you more than I love myself this time
I looked out for you more than I looked out for myself

If you a backstabber, I’ma get you stabbed back
Runnin’ your mouth around the town, that’ll get you whacked, facts
And if you dumpin’, I’m still here, nigga, okay, bet (Okay, bet)
I’ma do whatever it takes just to get you back

I don’t need no stashbox in my whip, no, I can’t do that
‘Cause I just feel like it’s more safe with it on my lap, yeah
My nigga, please don’t make me do this by myself
I swear to God, if you got my back, I’ma have your back, yeah

I ain’t lyin’, girl, I treated you like Nala
Anytime you asked me to jump, I said, «How high?»
And every time we go up, we do it like Zion (Zion)
I used to be a savage, bad bitch, left her starvin’
Seen my best friend mama cry, I’m so sorry
Niggas starvin’, knowin’ they can never stop me

Up in Startlets, 100K to every bartender, I was wildin’
Niggas wanna get me out of here, so I gotta be violent
Why the fuck you wanna spark me? I’m just vibin’
Tryna get these demons off me, yeah
Eliantte chain cover up my fuckin’ heartbeat

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