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Текст пенси A Boogie Wit da Hoodie — R.O.D

Me and you naked, baby
I wanna taste it
I won’t ever say shit
You’re not my favorite
I swear, I can picture us naked
I swear, I swear, I wanna taste it only if I say if I care
Then I care, I don’t just say shit
Baby, let’s get naked
You ain’t gotta worry ’bout shit
Just be my ride or die bitch
Yeah, yeah, nah, nah girl
You the type I vibe with
Yeah, just hold it down, do not switch
My ride or die bitch
This DTB, no I don’t trust bitches
And, I don’t mean no disrespect, ’cause you know I love women
Yeah girl, I know we got problems, but I hate discussin’ ’em
If I fuck with ya, girl then I fuck with ya
This time, this time, I wanna make love to ya
Don’t you switch sides, baby, I ain’t done with you
Just help me get by, get by these trust issues

I swear, I swear, I feel uncomfortable
‘Cause I used to call you my baby, but now I’m a dub to you
Used to pull up on you with flowers, show you my love for you
You know, we both from the bottom, so I ain’t judgin’ you
Yeah, I ain’t judgin’ you
But I’m the reason you are this way
You used to fuck her now you don’t even fuck the same
And when you puttin’ on that makeup and lingerie for
It’s something that I wanna say
Baby if you (baby if you), give it to me, I’ma give to you
‘Cause I know what you want, yeah
You wanna be in, up in my double R
Or want the stars in the sky, yeah, in the Louis Vuitton
Just hold it down for me (woo), you my ride or die bitch
I take care of everything and pay the bills for you
And don’t you ever fucking ask me ’bout no side bitch
And anything I say I do for you, I will for you
I’ll be the reason why it’s Hermes in your closet
‘Cause you with me, I don’t be checkin’ but I will for ya
Tell me something, I don’t know, baby I’m nauseous
Look I be buggin’ lately, I been feelin’ heartless, huh

You think I changed, nigga?
Huh, I’m still the same nigga
I still will catch a stain, nigga
Still walkin’ through puddles full of pain, nigga
I’m A Boogie Wit A Hoodie and a chain nigga
With a guitar now, nigga, I’m a lane switcher
And a good car now, literally a lane switcher
Take off your leotard now, girl let’s get naked, yeah

I swear, I swear
Me and you naked
I swear, I swear
I wanna taste it, I never said I care
And I care, why don’t you say shit?
I stare, get nervous, conversations
And that you, caught me stutterin’ when I say
Shit like «Can I take you on, on a vacation?»
I will spin the block, ’cause you’re my baby
I will hate to lose my love for an acquaintance
My ride or die bitch
Just hold it down, no matter what, do not switch
Yeah, yeah, nah, nah, girl
You the type I vibe with
Yeah, ride for me never down shit
My ride or die bitch

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